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Directional Drilling

Doing a project that requires services to run under roads or trees?

Think outside the shoring box. Think trenchless.

One of Thuro’s newest trenchless solutions, directional drilling uses similar technology that is currently used in the oil and gas industry. A drill is used to core straight through dirt and rock before a new pipe is pulled into place. Using this advanced technology on a smaller scale, we are able to accurately drill your new pipe right under trees, sidewalks, cul-de-sacs and garages. Anything that would normally obstruct running a line is no longer in the way if you’re using directional drilling.

Advantages of Directional Drilling

Drilling service lines under trees, decks, and roads has saved our clients thousands of dollars.

  • Complete service tie-in projects with less equipment, labor and cost
  • Reduced completion times with fewer disruptions to other work
  • Avoid digging up trees or excavating sections of asphalt road
  • No need for expensive repair or landscape work once the line is run


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