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Grease Traps

Grease trap installations, repairs, and cleaning

At Thuro, we do it all. From new grease trap installs and upgrading existing systems to flushing, grease pumping, augering drain lines, and cleaning.

Solve your grease and other waste debris problems with Thuro today!

When you want, where you want

We know that kitchens, pubs, car washes, and commercial factories have to maintain strict business hours which is why Thuro offers flexible scheduling.

Our dedicated staff are available evenings, weekends, and for overnight projects to ensure your business and your drains are up and running.

Saving you money

Sewer backups are messy, costly, and may cause serious health risks. Preventing fats, oils, and grease from entering your sewer system in the first place is absolutely key in preventing untimely sewer backups.

Did you know that City of Calgary Wastewater Bylaw requires all food service establishments to own and operate a properly sized grease traps? Save yourself the hassle and City fines by keeping your business legal. If you are not sure, call Thuro today and we can give our opinion.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Thuro has years of experience servicing Calgary businesses from large food production companies down to small corner restaurants. Getting grease traps cleaned regularly and having a yearly video inspection of drain lines is the easiest, most simple way to keep your sewer and drain systems healthy.

Call for a free, no obligation quote today.

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