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Lateral Launching

Lateral launch video inspections for sewer and storm service lines

Thuro lateral launching allows our operators to quickly and effectively video inspect multiple service laterals for damage and blockages all directly from the inside of the main.

A mainline inspection unit is inserted at a manhole or other entry point and remotely navigated down the main to the target lateral line. A secondary video inspection camera is launched off the main unit and can travel just over 50m up the service.

Perfect for condominiums and large projects

With this technology assessing lateral services for entire condominium complexes or entire city blocks can easily be completed in one day with minimal disruption to tenants and homeowners.

Projects can be assessed and inspected all without scheduling, providing days of notice, coordinating access, and rescheduling because of inevitable access issues.

Saving time, saving money

Lateral launching is simply more efficient than traditional methods of utilizing manual push cameras from the inside of condos/houses. Without the need to access to the inside of the home, more time is spent assessing and inspecting units and there is less time needed to move equipment from area to area.

Thuro has years of experience helping condominiums and municipalities find, assess, and fix sanitary and storm issues so we know that sometimes getting cooperation from entire blocks of homes can be difficult and, with a locksmith on site, expensive. Thanks to lateral launching, video inspections are hassle free.

Complete information helps you make the right decisions

The best way to manage aging storm and sewer systems is regular cleaning and inspections. Catching small issues before they develop into big problems will save significantly more in the long run and with a lateral launching technology, Thuro can do this quicker, easier, and cheaper than ever before.

Call today and learn more how lateral launch video inspections can work for you.

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