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Pipe Lining

Pipe lining for sewer and drain service lines

Cure-In-Place (CIP) Pipe Lining can be used on both Residential Sewer Service Lines and larger sewer Mains to permanently eliminate a variety of recurring problems such as roots, infiltration, and cracks.

An epoxy resin saturated tube is “blown” into the existing pipe and allowed to harden, leaving behind a single, jointless, smooth pipe that has a tensile strength greater than concrete.

Cost effective and permanent

Pipe lining is incredibly effective and remains the lowest cost permanent solution for broken sewers available today. Similar to Thuro’s other trenchless technologies, pipe lining can repair and restore old sewer pipe without the need to excavate your yard.

If you have an older residence or large trees, call today and book a video inspection of your sewer line!

Built to last

CIP pipe liners are blown in as a single, jointless sleeve that will completely eliminate recurring blockages, root related backups, and all pipe damage from tree root intrusion.

Sewer liners don’t just block out roots and water infiltration but also greatly increase the structure strength of pipes. Installing a liner can add 50 years or more to the life of an existing pipe by reinforcing the existing structure and restoring missing and damaged sections

Advantages of CIP Lining

  • Typical liners can be installed in just 1 day
  • Can be performed from inside or outside of the building, whichever works best for you
  • Minimal digging required, less potential damage to other underground utilities
  • Greatly reduced landscape restoration costs
  • Thuro’s resin does not emit any harmful vapors and can even cure underwater
  • Liners increase your property value

Call today to discuss how you can share in some of the industry’s best technology.


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