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Pipe bursting

Pipe bursting for sewer laterals and storm pipe

Thuro has the technology to burst a brand new pipe of the same size right through your existing one to permanently fix any root blockages, sewer cracks, broken pipes, and ovalling no corrode.

If you know or suspect your sanitary line is failing, call today to book a video inspection of your sewer line!

Trenchless Technology: Tree and lawn friendly

Pipe bursting and other trenchless technologies repair your broken or failing sanitary line without digging up yards so decks, trees, and gardens look just as great as they did before.

Unlike some more traditional methods of pipe replacement, pipe bursting utilizes fused joints which completely eliminates potential root issues so you can enjoy a lifetime of trouble free operation.

Indemnified, bonded, insured, and qualified

Unlike many other contractors, Thuro is an indemnified contractor with the City of Calgary. Why is it so important that your pipe bursting contractor is indemnified? Not only can Thuro fix the sanitary service up to your property line, we can also legally replace sanitary services all the way to the main, fixing the entire line all at once.

We will even contact The City of Calgary and propose a solution to fix the City side at no cost to you.

Advantages of pipe bursting

Pipe bursting with Thuro is a proven and time tested permanent fix for your sanitary line problems. We are also equipped to burst in a new water service at the same time as your sanitary.

  • The High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe used has superior strength and durability which will never rust and the welded joints won’t allow root infiltration
  • Typical pipe bursts can be completed in just 1-2 days
  • Permanently repair cracked pipes and root blockages
  • Completely repair older materials such as no corrode tar paper and clay tile which are known to fail suddenly
  • No costly excavation equipment
  • Can burst under trees, sidewalks, fences, and garages, which minimizes digging and the possibility of damage to other utilities and your yard
  • Increases your property value

Give us a call today, we would love to discuss how pipe bursting can work for you.

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