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Video Inspection

Evaluate Current Conditions of Existing Pipe

Easily locate blockages and infiltration problems, determine the effectiveness of cleaning operations, and aid in planning renewals of older sewer systems to avoid costly failures in service.

New Acceptance Inspections

Proper Inspection of new sewer lines ensures correct installation and compliance to engineering specifications. Mandrel testing of PVC pipe can also be provided.

NASSCO Certified Operators

Using NASSCO’s  standardized defect coding, we communicate underground problems in a simple to understand format that assists you in making well informed decisions on maintenance and rehabilitation.

Why use Thuro?

  • Extensive experience in sewer video inspection since 1979
  • We complete inspections of lines that other contractors have abandoned due to access, project size, or pipe conditions
  • We specialize in utilizing a large variety of the latest inspection equipment
  • We produce high quality video inspection reports, completed by experienced operators trained extensively in PACP

Our crews travel anywhere in Western Canada, call us for pricing on your project today!

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