Benefits of Liners

  • 50 year life use expectancy from the manufacturer
  • Engineered specifications
  • Prevents Root Intrusion and Stops Leaks
    Cured-in-place epoxy lining molds to the diameter of the host pipe or creates a pipe where there are gaps, literally creating a seamless pipe within a pipe. This eliminates the possibility of future root intrusion. In most cases, when there are cracks, separation, or root intrusion, sewage or rainwater is seeping out below your property into underground structures or into the landscaping. Sinkholes and structural undermining are the results of drainage systems that are compromised by this uncontrolled seepage. The pipe lining process eliminates this problem today and for the foreseeable future.
  • Increases Flow
    Cured-in-place pipe actually increases flow capacity because the Pipelining Technologies, Inc. pipe is smoother than old clay, cast iron, or concrete pipe. Calcification deposits will not adhere to the epoxy-lined walls; thus, flow is unimpeded, and future blockage from normal pipe use is greatly reduced. Maintenance contracts are available to prevent soft scale build-up and to detect any potential concerns before they become major problems.
  • No digging or destruction
    All of Pipelining Technologies, Inc. lateral rehabilitation techniques can be launched through cleanouts. Above ground there are no interior walls to repair, no piles of excavated dirt, no landscape to replace, no concrete foundations or asphalt driveways to repair, no traffic tie-ups, and no haggling with subcontractors over repair of the damage. You can tear up your walls, floors, landscape and more, but why would you if you didn’t have to?
  • Offers the Structural Strength of New Pipes
    The finished product withstands every corrosive environment, as well as the test of time, thus eliminating any future need for excavation. Resin formulas are custom-specified to meet customers’ special requirements. Pipelining Technologies, Inc. liner enhances the structural strength of host pipe and acts as a stand-alone pipe within a pipe, meeting or exceeding ASTM D790 Standards. The life expectancy of Pipelining Technologies, Inc. liner is over 50 years.
  • Alternative to Sewer Drain/Rainwater Leader Replacement
    Replacing underground sewer drain pipe and rainwater leader lines means costly excavation of slab foundations, flooring, interior walls, side walks, streets, driveways and landscaping, only to have the same problems arise when roots grow back, calcification deposits build up, or corrosion creates leaks again. Pipelining Technologies, Inc.’s proven trenchless technology process has been used since 1998 to restore drain lines and rainwater leader piping to better-than-new condition, without destruction of floors, walls, foundations, landscaping, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, or anywhere drain lines are located.
  • Because Nu Flow has the ability to fix both pressurized piping systems and non-pressurized piping system using existing access points, Nu Flow offers the least disruptive and most viable option for pipe renewal.
  • Whether your piping issue is related to drain pipes failing from root intrusion, structural failure, copper pinhole leaks or even corroded galvanized pipes, Nu Flow’s proven track record and international installation experience will help you solve your piping concerns with minimal disruption to your daily operations.
  • No-dig technology or relining is the fastest and most cost-effective way to repair a damaged drain or sewer. It involves installing a lining which bonds to the inside of the pipe — creating a pipe within a pipe — so that the integrity of the drain or sewer is restored, with minimum disruption.
  • Pipelining Technologies, Inc. specializes in the ‘pull-in-place’ (PIP) method, where the epoxy saturated liner is pulled into position where needed and cured in place and then the job is complete. In order to pull a liner in place, two access points are required, one to feed the liner in and the other to pull it into place. This is the one limitation of this process because at times there is only one access point, in which case we would use the inversion process.
  • No costly excavation of surfaces
  • Minimum disruption and down time
  • Suitable for diameter ranges 100 to 1200mm
  • Able to negotiate bends and offset joints
  • Continuous section – no potential weak spots at joins
  • All types of pipe material can be considered for renovation
  • Lining systems available for runs containing diameter changes
  • Runs of of up to 550 to 600 metres relined in one continuous length
  • Increased flow rates
  • Prevents tree root infestation
  • All renovation and reline works are covered by our 10–25 Year Guarantee dependant upon type of lining
  • Drain relining is a cost-effective and no-mess alternative to traditional drain repairs. Our non-intrusive methods will ensure your drains are back to perfect working condition in no time, and will remain free flowing for years to come.
  • A temporary repair to this problem is of course, to have a plumber auger the line to clear out the roots. Roots that only grow back again. Another limitation to augering, that many people don’t realize, is along with cutting away the roots the auger can also take away portions of the deteriorated pipe that allows for more root intrusion. Augering is short term at best, and eventually, the sewer pipe will need to be completely replaced.
  • From big to small – Drain relining can be carried out on pipes from as small as 100mm diameter right up to 1.5-metre culverts and, depending on access and logistical considerations, in single lengths or in a series of shorter, overlapping liners. Patch liners can be installed in pipes as small as 60mm diameter up to 1.2-metres, which is the size of the largest packer currently available

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We have been proudly serving Residential, Commercial, and Municipal clients in Western Canada since 1969. We believe in providing our clients with all available information, helping them understand the issues they are facing, and equipping them with the resources necessary to fix the problem.

We stand by our materials and workmanship. If there are any issues for the next 5 years, we will have it fixed with no hassle and no cost to you.
Qualified to work on City of Calgary property. Our work is done properly and to City of Calgary specifications even on private side only projects.
Thuro has some of the best and newest sewer technology in the market. We can provide clients with flexible, cost effective solutions rather than a one size fits all approach.
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