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CIP lining creates a pipe within a pipe

A CIP lining is a method to install a pipe within a pipe. A cloth “pipe” is saturated in an epoxy and forced into place using air pressure. When the cloth and liquid are in place, the epoxy is either cooked or hardened to create a new seamless pipe within the existing pipe. Prior to installing the lining, the interior of the sewer line is cleaned out as much as possible with either auguring or flushing. If there are any parts of the sewer line that are significantly damaged, spot repairs may be required prior to installing the liner. Currently Thuro has both chemically activated liners and steam cured liners.

First Step is to Identify the Problem

  • When you call to have us tailor a repair solution to your sewer and drain lines, the first thing we will do is schedule a camera assessment. When we come to your home we will run a camera through your sewer line to the City sanitary main. From here the technician will be able to create an inspection report and recommend the best solution trenchless, excavation, or combination of specifically to repair for unique problems.

Clean the Pipes

  • Once the problem and solution are identified, the Trenchless process can begin. The first step is to clean out all roots and de-scale any calcite, etc. in order to return the pipe back to its original functioning diameter. To do this we either hydrojet the lines or use pneumatic tools. Cast pipe may require additional preparation if the pipe is badly corroded or there is a void in the pipe.

Install the Liner

  • After the cleaning process is complete, the lining can begin. Based upon the solution you and your technician have decided upon, the length of pipe lining needed is cut, a custom two part epoxy is mixed and poured in to permeate the felt liner. The saturated liner is then pulled in place, the bladder is inflated and the curing begins. Once the epoxy lining has cured, the bladder is extracted, leaving a complete structural pipe within a pipe. To insure that the job has been performed perfectly, a camera is done to inspect the work and you receive a copy of this as well.
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