Water & Sewer Problems

Sewer and water services generally remain trouble free for decades if properly installed and used but most homeowners aren’t aware a problem is developing until it’s too late. It’s very important to keep an eye on any warning signs because catching problems early means the difference between simple fixes and full-service replacements.

If you know your property has either a no corrode sewer line or a lead water line, GET IT REPLACED IMMEDIATELY.

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Sinks, Showers, Tubs, and Washing Washings Drain Oddly

If water is having a tough time leaving a bathroom or kitchen, it may be because your sewer line is not draining properly. A quick drain clean with an auger can easily and safely break up blockages and restore flow. 

After Thuro has cleaned your drains, we can video inspect your sewer pipe to check if the slow drainage was caused by simple fixes like grease and build-ups or there are more serious problems like displaced joints or even broken sections of sewer.

Unexpected Water on the Floor or in Bathrooms

Anything flushed or drained will all travel down your sewer line and flow away from your house to either a City sewer main or some kind of holding tank (link to septic). If that pipe becomes plugged from roots or blockages, things may have no other way out then up and back out into the inside of your house.

This is called a sewer backup and these can be particularly expensive and difficult for some homeowners to clean especially with carpets. Don’t let this happen to you. If you notice any unexpected or odd smelling water in your basement, contact Thuro for a sewer assessment right away. 

Low or Irregular Water Pressure

Constant noise or low water pressure is a warning sign of a leaking water service. Homeowners should simply call the City of Calgary out to verify that there is in fact a leak. The City will come out with some testing equipment and let you know where the leak is.

Now if that water leak is on the City of Calgary side of the property line, a City crew will repair at generally no cost to the homeowner. If the leak is on the homeowner’s side of the property line, you may have to consider doing a repair.

Thuro has some fantastic trenchless technology options to repair water lines with minimal digging and, unlike traditional excavator digs, Thuro repairs your entire service and not just a piece.

Trees in the Front Yard are Growing Very Well

Did you know that trees absolutely love sewer lines? The flow inside sewers is warmer then surrounding soil, contains all kinds of nutrients for plants, and just about always has water in it. The problem is that roots will try to enter sewers and will grow so much it eventually chokes off the sewer completely.

Even though you might have had your sewer line augured out a few months ago, which fixed the problem then, these roots will continue to grow back faster and thicker every time making it necessary to always have a continuous cleaning schedule. Use Thuro’s trenchless repair options like liners or pipe bursts to permanently and completely get rid of the root problem with pipe joints.

Sinking Areas in Your Yard or Driveway

Sink holes developing in yards or driveways could actually be either a sewer or water problem (and we have seen cases where it’s both at the same time). If a hole in a sewer pipe develops, soil can fall down and can be washed away into the sewer main.

Thanks to trenchless technologies like liners (Link) and pipe bursting (LINK), problems like this can be solved once and for all without destroying your yard.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, call us! We can help.


Why Choose Thuro?


We stand by our materials and workmanship. If there are any issues for the next 5 years, we will have it fixed with no hassle and no cost to you.


Why spend money to fix only half of your sewer line? We work with The City of Calgary to make sure ALL of your line is fixed. Not just the first half.


Thuro has some of the best and newest sewer technology in the market. With a variety of options available, we can provide clients with flexible, cost effective solutions rather than a one size fits all approach.