Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Services Remove Blockages in Sewer Pipes and Interior Plumbing

Calgary Drain CleaningThuro’s drain cleaning services usually consist of using an auger to remove hair, grease, roots, and other blockages from toilets, sinks, drains, sewer lines, or other plumbing lines by using rotating cables and cutters. Augering clears debris and clears out old lines so they can flow like they are new again.

Our knowledgeable staff and our fully trained and experienced technicians will ensure the job is done right the first time. If not, we will make it right for free.

Avoid the mess of a backup. Call Thuro today!

Cost Efficient and Very Effective

Line augering quickly loosens and removes stubborn blockages, clearing blocked services and interior plumbing lines. This is the most simple, least costly solution to remove built up grease, roots, and other materials preventing your line from draining.

Specialized Equipment to Clear Cast Iron and No-corrode Pipe

Thuro Inc. has professional drain cleaning technicians experienced working with no-corrode (orangeburg) pipe and cast iron corrosion. Specialized cutting tools can be used to break away rusted pipe interiors in cast iron or remove bubbles and deformations in no-corrode pipe.

The Right Equipment Makes All the Difference

Augering can clear blockages in:

  • Residential/Commercial sanitary services
  • Condominium Buildings
  • Interior plumbing (sinks, toilets, tubs)
  • Floor Drains (Residential and Commercial)
  • Grease trap lines (Restaurants)

Avoid Back-ups by Starting a Preventative Maintenance Schedule Today!

Re-occurring problems? Need regular scheduled augering, flushing, or vacuum services?

Ask us to start you on a preventative maintenance schedule. Thuro’s service department will work with you to set-up a recurring scheduled service that suits your needs and budget. You can choose the day and times that are the most convenient for you. We’ll regularly perform the services needed to prevent drainage problems. We make recurring line issues a thing of the past.

Looking for a low cost permanent fix? Check out our pipe lining page!

Sewer or water problems? We can help!

Why Choose Thuro Inc.

We have been proudly serving Residential, Commercial, and Municipal clients in Western Canada since 1969. We believe in providing our clients with all available information, helping them understand the issues they are facing, and equipping them with the resources necessary to fix the problem.

We stand by our materials and workmanship. If there are any issues for the next 5 years, we will have it fixed with no hassle and no cost to you.
Qualified to work on City of Calgary property. Our work is done properly and to City of Calgary specifications even on private side only projects.
Thuro has some of the best and newest sewer technology in the market. We can provide clients with flexible, cost effective solutions rather than a one size fits all approach.
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