Laser Profiling

Laser Profiling is a Powerful Tool for Pipe Assessment

Calgary Laser ProfilingIt involves the process of using a laser to inspect the interior of a pipe by sending a laser beam through the pipe which is reflected off the walls. The reflected beam is then captured by a camera,  and the image can be used to detect ovality and defects in the pipe, such as cracks or corrosion.

Thuro’s profiling equipment is used directly with our remote robotic CCTV pipe inspection equipment. We can profile a number of pipe sizes ranging from 150mm to 1050mm. For smaller diameter pipes the laser profiler is mounted directly to the video camera. A large diameter pipe requires the laser to be pulled through the pipe on a stand-alone skid while the video camera follows behind.

Why is Laser Profiling Used in Pipe Inspection?

This type of inspection is often used for pipes that are difficult to access or that are located in hazardous areas. Laser profiling is very accurate and can detect even small defects in the pipe wall. It is also a non-destructive inspection method, which means that it does not damage the pipe. This makes it a very popular inspection method for many industries.

The Benefits of Laser Profiling in Pipe Inspection

Laser profiling is a cutting-edge technology that is quickly becoming the preferred method for pipe inspection. Laser profiling offers a number of benefits over traditional methods, including:

  • Higher accuracy: Laser profiling provides a higher degree of accuracy than traditional methods, making it ideal for inspecting pipes for damage or defects, verifying ovality, and confirming water levels.
  • Faster: Laser profiling is a faster method of inspection, which means that pipes can be inspected more quickly and efficiently.
  • Nondestructive: Laser profiling is a nondestructive method of inspection, which means that pipes do not need to be taken offline or dismantled in order to be inspected.
  • Diverse: Unlike manual Mandrel Testing that can only measure ovality in specific pipe types (PVC SDR), laser profiling can be utilized in all pipe types (Clay Tile, Concrete, Steel etc.)


If you are looking for a more accurate, efficient, and non-destructive way to inspect pipes, laser profiling is the perfect solution.

Laser Profiling Applications

The variety of applications have grown in popularity in recent years, and are now commonly used in a variety of industries for tasks such as inspecting the inside of pipes for ovality, corrosion, cracks, or other damage.

Laser profiling can be used to inspect both small and large pipes, and can be adapted to a variety of different Pipe Sizes  (150mm-1050mm) and wall thicknesses. One of the benefits of laser profiling is that it can be used to inspect pipes that are difficult or impossible to access with other methods. Additionally, laser profilers can be used to inspect both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and can be utilized in both wet and dry conditions.

If you are interested in using Laser Profiling on your next project, contact Thuro today.

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