Lateral Launch Inspection

Lateral Launch Video Inspections for Sewer and Storm Service Lines

Lateral Launch

Lateral Launch inspections allow technicians to quickly inspect multiple service laterals quickly. The work is all done from the inside of the main sewer. This makes it easy to check for damage and blockages without requiring access inside homes.

During a lateral launch inspection, a CCTV inspection robot is inserted at a manhole into the sewer or storm main. The remote-controlled camera is driven down the pipe to the lateral service line, where a secondary camera is launched off of the main unit into the smaller service line. Similar to a push camera, the launch camera can travel over 50 feet up the service.

Service lines can be inspected without providing notice or arranging access. It also removes the need to reschedule because of access issues.

Save Time and Money with Lateral Launch

Lateral launching is a valuable update to previous methods of inspecting sewer service lines. Using this equipment, inspections are completed without accessing the inside of the home. As a result, less time is needed to move equipment from area to area. Because less set up time is needed, we can increase the number of services that can be inspected each day.

Perfect for Condominiums and Large Projects

Inspecting services using lateral launch is a great tool for townhouses, strip malls or municipalities as entire city blocks can easily be completed in one day. There is minimal disruption to tenants and homeowners because access inside homes or units is not required.

Thuro has many years of experience helping clients find, assess, and fix sanitary and storm problems. Arranging access to multiple residences can be

Complete Information Helps you Make the Right Decisions

The best way to manage aging storm and sewer systems is regular cleaning and inspections. Finding small issues before they become big problems, such as collapses, will save repair costs in the long run. Thuro can do this quicker, easier, and for less cost than ever before.

Call today and learn more how lateral launch video inspections can work for you.

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Why Choose Thuro Inc.

We have been proudly serving Residential, Commercial, and Municipal clients in Western Canada since 1969. We believe in providing our clients with all available information, helping them understand the issues they are facing, and equipping them with the resources necessary to fix the problem.

We stand by our materials and workmanship. If there are any issues for the next 5 years, we will have it fixed with no hassle and no cost to you.
Qualified to work on City of Calgary property. Our work is done properly and to City of Calgary specifications even on private side only projects.
Thuro has some of the best and newest sewer technology in the market. We can provide clients with flexible, cost effective solutions rather than a one size fits all approach.
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