CIP Pipe Lining

Pipe Lining is the Future of Pipe Maintenance

Calgary CIP Pipe LiningRestore aging pipe without knocking down fences or tearing up landscaping and parking lots. Thuro Inc. pipe lining is a full repair of underground sanitary and storm pipe without excavation. For residential pipes, liners are often installed directly from the main clean-out access in your basement as a result no excavation is needed. Main liners are installed from manhole to manhole (or other access point).

A low cost, permanent solution to solve pipe problems. Installing a Thuro Inc. pipe liner will add 50+ years of life to an existing pipe by reinforcing the existing pipe and restoring missing and damaged sections. The liner will not rust or corrode, and eliminates root intrusion and water infiltration. The investment in a CIP liner will significantly lower maintenance and repair costs for decades to come.

How Does Lining Work?

The existing sewer pipe is cleaned to remove roots and debris from the line. This is all the prep work needed. Once clean, Thuro installs the liner. The lining material is a custom length felt tube with a plastic coating on one side. The felt side of the liner is saturated with an epoxy resin. The liner is then inverted into the existing pipe using high pressured air (picture unrolling a pair of socks). Once inverted the plastic coating will be on the inside of the pipe and the resin is against the pipe wall. Then, a calibration tube like a long balloon, is blown inside the liner and inflated to hold the liner open against the pipe. Pressurized steam is used to cure the resin and hold everything in place. The end product is a hardened pipe molded to the inside of the old pipe.

Trenchless Technology: Tree and Lawn Friendly

CIP Lining and other trenchless technologies repair your broken or failing sanitary line with minimal to no excavation so your, trees, and gardens look just as great as they did before.

Unlike traditional methods of pipe replacement, CIP Lining is seamless which completely eliminates potential root issues. This means you can enjoy a lifetime of trouble-free operation without having to remove the beautiful trees in your yard.

An Investment That Will Last

Pipe Lining permanently repairs a variety of problems such as roots and cracks without expensive excavation. Pipe lining can be completed on both residential service lines and sewer and storm mains.

  • Trenchless Technologyfix root intrusions
  • extend the life of the existing pipe
  • span missing sections of pipe
  • reinforce broken areas
  • seal pipe joints and as a result, increase flow

Advantages of Pipe Lining

  • Permanently block out roots and prevent pipes from collapsing
  • No excavation required
  • A normal installation is completed in less than one day
  • Minimal disruption to home, or condominium owners and businesses
  • Less potential to damage underground utilities like gas or water lines
  • No outside costs such as concrete repairs or deck replacement
  • Increase property value
  • Environmentally friendly
  • City of Calgary approved materials

Make sewer back-ups a thing of the past, call today and book a video inspection of your sewer line to see if your line is suitable for a CIP liner!

Sewer or water problems? We can help!

Why Choose Thuro Inc.

We have been proudly serving Residential, Commercial, and Municipal clients in Western Canada since 1969. We believe in providing our clients with all available information, helping them understand the issues they are facing, and equipping them with the resources necessary to fix the problem.

We stand by our materials and workmanship. If there are any issues for the next 5 years, we will have it fixed with no hassle and no cost to you.
Qualified to work on City of Calgary property. Our work is done properly and to City of Calgary specifications even on private side only projects.
Thuro has some of the best and newest sewer technology in the market. We can provide clients with flexible, cost effective solutions rather than a one size fits all approach.
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